Health Benefits

Health Benefits


The health benefits of Chlorella are mainly due to its four important properties; high content of chlorophyll, Chlorella growth factor (CGF), high fiber cell wall, and high content of nutrients
Chlorella has been reported to be helpful for various health problems such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hypercholes-terolemia, cardiac problems, constipation, bowel toxicity, dermatitis, allergies, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, fibromyalgia, Eps- tein-Barr virus infection, candidiasis and others. Besides that, it has also been found to enhance the ability of the immune system, slow down the ageing process, stimulate growth, reduce the risk of cancer, enhance the healing process, rejuvenate and vitalize the body, and others.


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Chlorella and Detoxification enhances immune system


Chlorella Boosts Brain Power


Chlorella Improves Heart Health


Chlorella Lowers the Risk of Cancer


Chlorella Improves Fatigue Associated with Chemotherapy


Chlorella Stimulates Interferon Production


Chlorella and Hypertension


Chlorella Eliminates Toxin from the Body


Chlorella is Anti-Ageing


Chlorella and Female’s Health


Chlorella Improves Digestion


Chlorella Balances Acid-Alkaline in the Body


Chlorella and Weight Management


Chlorella Stimulates Wound Healing


Chlorella and Children’s Health


Chlorella Relieves Arthritis


Chlorella Improves Eyesight


Chlorella Protects the Liver


Chlorella Prevents Allergies


Chlorella and Blood Sugar


Chlorella and Fibromyalgia


Chlorella and Skin Health