Frequently Asked Questions


Q Are all chlorella or other algae the same?
Q Can Abeille d'Or chlorella replace vegetables?
Q Could we take chlorella while on medication?
Q How does Abeille d'Or Chlorella compare to spirulina?
Q How long after taking chlorella do we begin to see the effectiveness?
Q Is it suitable for children, pregnant women or even infants?
Q Is it suitable for children, pregnant women or even infants?
Q We see CGF as 1 of the content in Abeille d'Or Chlorella, what is CGF?
Q What exactly is Abeille d'Or Chlorella?
Q What is the best way to consume chlorella?
Q Why do we feel "heaty" after taking and how long will it persist?
Q Why do we need chlorophyll and how does Abeille d'Or Chlorella compare to other kinds of source?
Q Why should vegetarians take chlorella?
Q Why would anyone want to take Abeille d'Or Chlorella?


Q Any side effects when start taking Verte?
Q Are oligosaccharides / inulin prebiotics? Yes.
Q Are prebiotics dietary fiber?
Q Chlorella is one of the ingredients in Verte. Do I still need to consume Chlorella besides Verte?
Q If I take probiotics, do I need to take Verte (prebiotics)?
Q Is it suitable for children aged 5 and below?
Q One of Verte ingredients is oligosaccharide. Is it suitable for diabetes?
Q Should I continuously consume Verte or when should I stop? Or is that a course?
Q What are prebiotics?
Q What are the health benefits by consuming Verte?
Q When is the best time to consume Verte and how long should I consume after mixing it into drinks?


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